The assets we typically deal with are:

  • Shares in Public Companies
  • Bank Accounts
  • Real Property
  • Units in Managed Funds
  • Superannuation Funds


Transfer to executors or beneficiaries

We prepare the necessary transmission or transfer documents and lodge these with the relevant institution to ensure proper title passes from the deceased to the executors and / or beneficiaries. After completion the new title documents are issued directly to the executors and / or beneficiaries.

Realisation of Assets

In many cases, all assets held are to be realised.  We can attend to this through local brokers, estate agents or banks or deal directly with clients existing contacts if available.

In all cases we account fully for all transactions and transmit proceeds in the currency of your choice directly to your nominated bank account.


Once the Reseal or Local Grant is obtained the legal formalities of the relevant institution can be completed and the assets can be dealt with by either transfer or sale.

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