Obtaining Statutory Clearances in Lieu of Resealing

This involves having all necessary indemnities and declarations completed by the executors where the value of each asset does not require a reseal or insurance bond. Most institutions have varying requirements and I am able to have all documents completed at the same time.

Bankruptcy Searches

Foreign executors often have to distribute estate entitlements to beneficiaries In Australia. as part of their normal obligations they should check that the beneficiary is not a bankrupt. APEARS can perform that service.

Issuing Insurance Indemnity Bonds

Various share registries will accept an insurance bond in lieu of a resealed Grant. The bond provides cover to the value of the shareholding and protects the registries against any future claims. The bonds are issued by QBE Insurance at a premium that is economical up to about $50,000.00 as compared with resealing. The bonds are also issued within one week of the proposal being received.

Assessing and Stamping of Unit Transfers

In Australia, off market transfers of non-listed unit holdings to beneficiaries and new trustees require assessment in some jurisdiction’s revenue offices. I can arrange for assessment and stamping of transfers, ensuring a speedier path to final registration.

Location of Beneficiaries

There are occasions where the last known residence of a beneficiary is in Australia somewhere. In these instances I am able to undertake initial searches and report findings. Of course not all beneficiaries want to be found!

Unclaimed / Lost Monies

I can locate and claim unclaimed monies that have been lodged with various Government agencies as a result of owners not having banked or lost their funds. Many institutions charge up to 25% for this service. APEARS is extremely competitive in this regard and has an excellent track record of efficiently collecting money for overseas clients.


I am also able to undertake ad hoc tasks such as obtaining death, birth and marriage certificates, opening bank accounts, advertising for missing Wills and liaising with estate agents on rental properties etc.

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